Monday, September 30, 2013

30/31: third quarter update

When I started pushin' 30, it started pushin' back......and I compiled this Dirty 30 list . I'm now  3/4 through my 30th year. My progress report? Well, I'm starting to get nervous that my Dirty 30 is going to flow over into my 31st year. Does that make me a failure? Even though I reserved the right to change some things, these are things that I really kinda want to do so I think I might just fail the Dirty 30 and try to come up with a cool name for a 31st year. Eh, you win some, you lose some.

I'm adding on to my first quarter report (shown in brown) and my running totals after the second quarter are in green now the third quarter accomplishments are in red And remember when I reserved my right to change and amend my list....yep I'm doing that and those are in purple.

1. Hike a 14'er
2. Run Complete the Tower Rock 10K 5K
  • I made it, with very little no training (I do not recommend this training method, its painful), but its in the books! Thank goodness I had a little lake time with red beers waiting for me at the finish line or I probably wouldn't have made it.
3. Buy the person behind me's meal
4. Lose 30 lbs (7/30) (5/30)
  • This obviously isn't going as well as one would hope. Encouraging words appreciated (or possibly yelling at my lazy rear would be more appropriate). I'll report I'm down a few pounds....long ways to go! 
  • We will not be talking about this one at this time. 
  • Well crap. 
5. Save $6,000
  • What was the moral of the story about the tortoise and the hare?
  • BAM! Hit my goal way early in the year! Thank you tax return, "extra" paycheck in April (the icing on the cake of being paid every 2 weeks) and selling some unused items for cash. 
6. Finish TurboFire
  • It took me 8 weeks to finish the first phase of the plan (for your reference Phase 1 is 4 weeks long). I'm doing much better in Phase 2 and have missed only 2 workouts total in Phase 2!
  • Um, yeah this one is back on the shelf until fall. I know I suck. 
7. Finish Chalean Extreme
  • I'm finishing up the first phase and I must say I actually really like this workout program.
8. Golf 3 new courses
  • Checked this baby off all in one week. Click here for my professional review.
9. Learn to wakeboard
  • I get up more often that not and can navigate outside the wake now. Next up....turns and flips.
10. Brice Canyon
11. Zion National Park
12. Territorial Prison Museum
13. Meet my neighbors
14. Finish my will
15. Far-away friend of the month card/care package (3/12) (6/12) (9/12)
  • I have the best friends in the world! Click on Far-away Friend to read about some of my favorites who live way too far away from me! This quarter you met TC, Stretch and Military Friend
  • This quarter I introduced you to my amazing Far-away Friend Families! This quarter you met Oklahoma Cowboy family, Cowboy Family and Jeremiah Johnson Family.
  • This quarter you met "The Hubby", Football Fan, and the Birthday Weekenders'
16. Have outdoor Christmas lights
17. Have a blog  
  • You are here! Thank you for reading!
  • Moving up in the world, I have 8 followers now! Thank you! 
18. Go night snowboarding
19. Glow-in-the-dark golf tournament
20. Donate blood 3x (1/3) (2/3)
  • Click here to find out more about donating blood 
  • Click here to find out how I Bleed Orange!
21. Adopt a soldier program
  • Click here to read my letters
  • Well one of my guys is headed home, so I'm down to 1 soldier again. I even got a little shout out from him on Facebook for sending some super fun packages! And then my other soldier will be shipped home next month! I'll have to update on his final care package soon.
  • Both my soldiers have returned to the States, but then I got a special request for a whole unit of Duck Dynasty care packages. More on this big project coming up soon!
22. Volunteer at National High School Finals Rodeo
  • I'm scheduled for a midnight to 2 am shift next week :)
  • I got in the midnight to 2 am shift and then decided to come back to help with the final day since there was so many horses left. Miller Baby came with me and was a hit! 
23. Get my concealed carry permit and a pretty gun to conceal carry w/ a sweet shoulder sling!
  • I'm licensed to carry!
24. Take a Spanish class
25. Zip line 5 state road trip, just me, my car and the open road
  • I made it in just under 3,000 miles and Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.
26. Finish my house projects - trim, yard, closet doors
  • I'm checking off the yard and my patio even is looking inviting. And I have a semi-great stand of grass in Tylie's backyard oasis.
27. Pay off my car.....again (which also means paying off the basement swimming pool removal)
28. Visit my grandparents (2/2)
  • Knocked this one out with the Really Big Road Trip. I spent a few days in Limon and visited Grandma M and then swung through KS to visit G&G D. I sure enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure they did too.
29. Make 12 new Pinterest recipes or projects (3/12) (9/12)(11/12)
  • Click here for the projects and recipes I've tested out for you! Remember exact measurements are optional (most of the time) This philosophy may have failed me once before.
  • I think I'm on track to finish this one before my deadline too....mostly all successes.
  • Lovin' all these checkmarks! Check out the Pin It tab for more on my Pinteresting. 
30. Read 6 new books (1/6) (6/6) (8/6)
  • Click here to see my library!  
  • Thanks to my flights to/from Cali, I have another checkmark on the ole' list
  • I'm going to be an overachiever (or a bad goal setter) in this one. I added a few more books to the read list, this is what turning off TV for the summer will do to you. 


  1. Okay, you've gotten a LOT done this year so far, so if it spillis over, so be it. I came to the realization that mine is totally spilling over, and, really, I'm okay with that because I kinda don't want it to end anyway. Funniest part of this update? "Well crap." Yea. That's where I'm at on that front as well.


  2. Oh my goodness, you have done sooooo much! Look at all those items that are crossed off.

    It's cool if things spill over into next year - that just extends the fun.