Monday, September 9, 2013

# 25 & 28.1 [RBRT]: Colorado/New Mexico/Texas

A couple more marks on the Dirty 30 list!

It was a really busy few days in Colorado before "real" vacation started, but I wasn't at work so I guess technically it was still vacation.

I stopped by and saw Gypsy Friend and to pick up the horseshoes that he made for me to finish my wedding gift. We took a little drive around the farm before coming back for some BBQ before I hit the road to my Momma's. While we were surveying the quality of corn and the damage of the hail on some of it, I was inspired to snap this photo. Being the excellent photographer/blogger that I am, I even had to borrow Gypsy Friend's Iphone to catch it. That should make some good silage!

Tylie and I stopped for the night at Mom's and had beef and noodles waiting on us me for dinner. favorite. Tylie was nervous that I was going to leave her there, she usually has good reason to be worried. Mom and John have a newer puppy who loves to play. Tylie does not love to play with other dogs...she is nearly human and believes herself to be above playing with other dogs when I'm around. We did take a ride around the ranch in the Gator, where Tylie managed to pull a hammy jumping in/out. I hope the cool mountain air will be healing for her while I'm away.

The next morning I drove down to Colorado Springs and met up with Grandma Mauck for lunch and some catching up. Grandma has had a very hard year, losing both a son and Grandpa. She is always excited to see us grandkids, but I think it meant even more to her this time. We had an amazing burrito and some chat time before I had to head out for my dentist appointment (and pedi).

You are welcome for not taking any pictures. Vacation FAIL!

Then I picked up Devan in Pueblo and we headed south for the big wedding.

New Mexico
We added another state to the trip and was shocked by how green New Mexico was. Like so shocked that we felt the need to post on Facebook to see if this part of New Mexico is usually this green or if we had witnessed some sort of apocolypse. FYI - this is on the road from Raton to Dalhart....I know I have some New Mexican readers who can weigh in on the greenness question.

We went down a day early to hit up rehearsal dinner and some quality time with some old Gunny friends. And a big time did we have! Texas surprised me with cool tolerable temperatures to be able to function out of doors during all hours of the day and night. We stayed up a better part of the night with yard games, Lonestar beer (ok I might have been the only one drinking the best beer ever but hey not everyone is as cool as me), family, friends and tons of catching up. Again, no pictures. FAIL again. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was fun. I deem it the best wedding ever because they served calf fries at the reception. I'm here to tell you, it just doesn't get much better than that!

Congratulations Tyler and Shelby!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like so much fun!! I love the calf fries at the reception--so hilarious. And yes, you must have found the one green spot in the state! Sheesh!


  2. Love the corn picture! Too bad they got hail damage though :( We are really green up here too, and it's just unreal! August is usually dry and yucky, but it's still going strong here. I only had to water my lawn about 2 times this year and its been green the whole time!