Friday, September 13, 2013

#25 [RBRT] Colorado/Wyoming

WOOF! Hey there, Tylie checking into the human's blog. She is a bit more of a gypsy than I am, so I'm pretty thankful she dropped me off at Grandma's before she took this crazy 3,000 mile journey. I was a little nervous about staying at the ranch because Grandma got a new puppy, I don't really like puppies and would really prefer to be the center of attention and get all the pets. Hey I'm an only dog child. But, I concede....Lexi is alright. I had to set her in her place so she would know not to jump on me, but after that we got along great...we even switched food bowls almost every day! This is my buddy Lexi...she's a little bit bigger than in this picture. We are friends now.

My favorite thing that Lexi and I did was rake hay. We ran back and forth making sure Grandma drove straight. Sometimes we would get hot and thirsty so we would run down to the river and get a drink. Lexi is crazy, she likes to swim in the river....I just get in to my belly so I don't float away. The day my mom came back I was so tired that I could barely raise my head off the floor because we raked so much hay. Grandma thinks I ran about 10 miles.

The new owner at the ranch has a really annoying big black city dog. I didn't like him (he killed Grandma's calf this winter so I didn't like him even before I met him) He tried to come hang out with me and Lexi but I gave him the mean look and growled at him. I made sure to growl low enough that Grandpa John wouldn't hear me so I wouldn't get in trouble. I sure sent him running for the porch. Lexi thought that was awesome!

I think I was tired for 2 days after my vacation to the ranch. Mom thought it was really funny when we stopped at a rest area near Glenwood Springs and I headed straight for the river for a drink and a wade. That river was alot faster than the one at the ranch so I stayed close to the edge!

I really like the ranch, I sent a silent message to my mom that we should get a ranch. I hope she can swing that one for me....maybe Christmas? She always gets me cool things at Christmas.

Whew, that was alot of work....I hope the human doesn't want me to write every week! 



  1. LOl! I love this post! Glad your pup had a nice vacation too.

  2. These are my favorite posts you do. Hilarious. And the picture of her with the calf? Priceless!


  3. LOL, too cute! Our dogs just love running around and being out on the farm when we are. The best part is they are tuckered out at the end of the day and sleep great!

  4. Soooo cute!! I love this.

    The picture of the calf and pup is so adorable. That's country love right there.