Thursday, September 12, 2013

#25 & 28.2 [RBRT] Kansas

Moving right along, my next stop(s) are in Kansas, my motherland! OKTrailerPark Friend and Mr. OKTrailerPark Friend have recently moved to Kansas and bought a new place and new goats to go with their new jobs! The Mr. was at work, but us grad school girls had a good time on our own! And those goats....lets just say its a good thing our schedule was WIDE open!

We let the goats out to graze the weeds while we held down the patio table with some ice cold Bud Lights when all of a sudden they were gone! And I mean gone, they didn't even come when OKTrailerPark Friend called them. We continued to stomp around the pasture in our flip flops...keeping a good eye out for snakes for about 4 hours, then we wished them luck in the dark of night and went to bed.

Morning resumed with breakfast and lost goat search, which we completed just in time for lunch!

Next stop, Grandpa's house! I found out that Grandpa and Grandma are moving to town in the fall and of course trying to get rid of some stuff before the big move. I came away with the prized possession of a Radio Flyer wagon...a real plastic there! My first Grandma bought it when my cousin and I were 3 years old and headed to Dodge City with Grandpa and Grandma, she thought it would be easier to corral us if we had a wagon to ride it! Grandpa and I went to the Co-op for coffee and we made sure to solve a couple world problems before we left.....Ok, ok really Grandpa just finalized his spraying order and instructions.

Up tomorrow? Back to Colorado and Wyoming.


  1. I'm going to be sad when this road trip recap ends!


  2. Man, I know what it's like when cows get out, but I can't imagine trying to find a bunch of small goats! At least the cows are easy to see!

  3. Glad you found the goat!
    A Radio Flyer, that's fantastic!!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.