Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#20.2: Bleed orange

So, you are probably tired of hearing me talk about giving blood and encouraging you to also give blood. FYI - one donation can save up to 3 lives, just sayin. As I was getting ready to leave on Really Big Road Trip, I received an email letting me know that I am eligible give blood again.

Then while I was in Stillwater on an unexpected stop in my road trip I saw a sign at Gallagher-Iba Arena that there was a blood drive. I went in to see if they had openings....side note, blood drives at OSU the donor always comes out with a free t-shirt...and apparently OSU alumni donors get 2 free t-shirts! WIN!

So instead of wowing you with a picture of a needle sticking out of my arm again, I'll share a few of the banners that were in my view while I gave blood this time. I opted for the whole blood donation this time because its a little and out in 45 minutes, including the interview!

And props to Oklahoma Blood Institute, they had Gatorade (in cans, never seen that one before) AND Nutter Butters AND pizza for after donation snacks. WIN!


  1. You better hope Sports Illustrated doesn't find out about you getting free t-shirts.... :)


  2. Gatorade in cans?? Craziness!