Friday, September 20, 2013

InstaFriday #1

[Linking up with Jeanett @ Life Rearranged]

life rearranged

 Well here is a new link-up for me because I just learned about actually using Instagram....yeah I'm kinda an old lady when it comes to technology. I think InstaFriday is really supposed to be all in one week, but I really don't take that many pictures so this will catch you up on a couple of weeks. Hey, I do what I want! Here we go.

Who wants to marry me?

Buckin' horse race @ Sweetwater Downs

Rain on the Desert

G-Ride for the Day, Feathers and Cash: Miller Land & Livestock/67 Ranch Horses

2013 Goat
Minus the lack of food in the fridge, its been a pretty good couple of weeks!

Don't forget that next Friday is Soul Food Friday at Almost Gypsy Soul. Come by, link-up and be awesome!


  1. Between the ears of a horse pictures are some of my all-time favorites! Lovely Instagram shots. Find me amy_adesertgirl and I'll follow you!!


  2. Great pictures, keep sharing! My instagram isn't very exciting...
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Love these!! And you are a total catch--beer, eggs, water, yogurt! What more can a guy ask for?!?