Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lost goat pizza

If you remember back when I was in Kansas and we lost the goats and we made lost goat pizza....well here is the delicious recipe, only slightly modified and by modified I mean that I added some more yummy ingredients.

1 pizza crust
1/2 c Skinny spinach artichoke dip
1 1/2 chicken breast
3 slices bacon
veggies - I used mushrooms, red pepper and red onion
1 c. low-fat mozzarella cheese

1. Prepare pizza crust according to directions on packages
2. Spread skinny spinach artichoke dip over pizza crust
3. Pan fry bacon, drain grease on paper towels
4. Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces and cook in 1/2 tablespoon of bacon grease
5. Spread veggies, bacon pieces and chicken onto the pizza
6. Spread cheese over the top of all toppings
7. Bake according to pizza crust directions.
8. Give thanks that the goats made it home safely and enjoy Lost Goat Pizza!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll have to give this a try!