Monday, September 2, 2013

The barn by bryan [September 2013]

Is it really September?  Where did the summer go? But, I must say, fall is my favorite season; the air is brisk, hunting seasons open, fishing gets better, you can wear hoodies again, and college football is full swing… gotta love fall! So, head for the hills and watch nature take its course as it buttons up the hatches and settles in for the winter.

This is also the time where I head back to workshop and try to build things out of wood and metal (FYI, everything is for sale, wink, wink).  Now I’m rambling, let’s get to the music…

I am going all Wyoming on your a$$es this month (sorry Red Dirt faithful)

We should probably start with the best known Wyo artist, Chris Ledoux; Riding for a Fall

And then the lesser known, but up and coming Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band; Six Figure Job

Then back to Chris Ledoux; Powder River Home

Maybe one more Younger Bros tune; Country Music

And then then even lesser, lesser known Jared Rogerson; Peace, Love and Horses

Enjoy! Music Man

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  1. Okay, here I was pissed off that the Aggies dont' recognize Labor Day as a holiday (WTH?!?), and then I go to read blogs and remember it's a new month which means new music!! WOOO HOOOO! You guys saved my day. And as the leader of the Red Dirt Faithful, I will say I'd have like to have seen a RRB or CCR song stuck in here, but I am a huge Chris LeDoux fan and approve. Nice work.