Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#8: Sand, trees and double teradactyls

"They call it GOLF because all the other four-letter words were taken" ~ Unknown

And golf I did during my vacation work trip and the vacation that started as soon as I drove into town and then out an hour later. With this week I marked off 1 entry on the ole' Dirty 30 list.

#8 Golf 3 new courses.....CHECK

Course #1: Billings Par 3 - This course was super fun and pretty quick, I wish we had one in Rock Springs for after work golf outings. All the holes are par 3.......and I didn't get a single par.

Course #2: Thermopolis' Legion Golf Course - A little 9 hole course that I really liked. It has beautiful scenery and the course isn't too tough...I didn't lose a single ball in the water! It was my first time golfing solo and my best round ever. I vacation golf so I had a couple little "cheats" but I golfed a 48!

Course #3: Montpelier Idaho Golf Course - Another little gem 9 hole where I followed up my best round of golf with one of my worst. The course was really pretty and not too hard. If you are ever in Montpelier, Idaho, go here! They are super nice and very accommodating. I do recommend a cart on this course, especially if you play as poorly as I did or maybe because I got so extreme on the lake the day before. Whatever, get a cart, its hot. Music Man, Little Sister and Little Sister's Boyfriend all played.

Now in our hurry to get packed up and get to the lake, Little Sister and I both forgot our golf attire. We were a little worried that they wouldn't let us on the course and if they did that we would look like idiots in our basketball shorts and tshirts. Around hole 4 I no longer felt bad about our semi-not appropriate golf attire when I snapped this picture of a guy golfing shirtless....not appropriate golf attire guy! but thanks for making us feel better about forgetting ours!



  1. Hehe...your basketball shorts were probably too classy for this place! Hilarious! I need you to come give me lessons. It's on my bucket list to play par on ONE hole. Just one.


  2. LOL...whenever I worry about what I'm wearing, I always try to remember that there WILL be someone out there who looks like more of a freak than I think I do! hahaha