Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Work disguised as vacation: Billings, Montana

 You will all be happy that I can report I passed my first training test, which was given in the first day of training and we were assured that there will be more tests. yay. Now back to the good stuff....the non-work part of my trip.


I got up early and was packed, checked out and to the Buffalo Bill Museum by 8am in Cody. The museum doesn't allow pictures in most of the gallerys, so I followed the rules misread the sign and didn't take any pictures. So......these few will have to tide you over until you can go there and see it for yourself, I mean Cody, WY can boast that they have the most comprehensive American firearm exhibit in the world. While it was quite neat, I think my vote goes to the Buffalo Bill gallery or the Plains Indian gallery. There are 5 galleries so you can take your pick and for an entry fee of $18 bucks, I think it passes the bang for your buck test. I was only there for 2 hours and could have easily spent another 2.

After leaving Cody, I drove up to Billings for training. We have a small class and we all went out for drinks at a local tap house microbrewery. Apparently in Montana the tap house microbrewery can serve only 3 drinks per patron. Upon entry, if you are young lookin' lady such as myself, your ID is checked and you get a wristband with a mark on it. With each beer you order, another mark. After 3....its on to the next brewery.....or if you have a long day of training coming up, the Mexican restaurant for some dinner then off to bed. Yeah, I'm crazy like that.

Drank my fill @ Angry Hank's Microbrewery TapHouse


Today, we read our first appraisal report. yay. It was 70 pages, we were charged with finding the mistakes. This was of course after I passed killed the pre-test, only missed 3 questions. Tomorrow is going to be rough, reviewing 2 different appraisals. Vern has a hard time getting 2 done in a day and he has 27 years in with the Agency. After all that brain power, I needed some golf. Vern and I hit 9 holes at the Billings Par 3. Now being the Tiger Woods that I am, I'd never even heard of a Par 3 course. Every hole is par 3....which gives me the chance to actually get a par....which I failed to do. It was a great little course, crossed off part of a Dirty 30 item and we made it back to the hotel just in time for the rain to cut loose. Hooligan's for pizza and beer for dinner tonight, 3 of us for $25 bucks (ps. so far I've managed to stay under per diem even with the museum AND golf, hopefully I can keep this up!)

Par 3 Course, Billings, MT

Not going to lie....not an exciting day other than we got more done in class than expected and will probably get out of here early tomorrow. Read through and reviewed 2 7, yes 7, hours! ouch! Then we took off to Angry Hank's to grab an Anger Mangement (wheat beer) before hitting up Uberbrew for a couple more drinks and an Uberburger...with jalapeno sausage and jalapenos....yea might regret that one tomorrow, but it was so yummy!!!!!!

And I'm off to Thermop after passing my final test and am now certified to do administrative real estate appraisal reviews, ok ok, I have to turn in 3 practice ones, but then I'll be officially certified! yaw-hoo!


  1. That three drink rule would never fly at the Copper Penny! And a 70 page proofread? No thank you!


  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations on all your test-passin'-and-reviewin' success. And for staying under the per diem. My kind of travel!


  3. So glad you went to Angry Hanks, it's the best in Billings! Microbrewerys in MT have different rules than most bars because of the alcohol content of the beers...they can also only be open until 8 p.m...but later if they have other drinks as well. Lots of rules!