Thursday, August 15, 2013

#15.8: Far-away friend: Football Fan

I find it pretty interesting that it wasn't until I left OSU and left Oklahoma that some of my closer friend relationships really bloomed. Thank you Facebook and internet and cell phones. Football Fan and I went to OSU together, we had some of the same close friends, we were friends, but not the friend that I would send random texts to, or email back and forth for a couple hours, or call up and ask for advice. Whew, I'm pretty sure my English teacher would have a heart attack if she read that last "sentence". Anyway, that is exactly what Football Fan has turned into as a friend to me.

She is one the most ambitious, fun, down to earth, caring people I have ever met. The way she lives her life, makes me strive to be more like her, to be a better person for myself and all those who I meet throughout my life. And if you don't know her, follow her blog. It will be like you are already her friend too!

Thank you Tiff for being my friend!


  1. I was so excited by the title of this....I was like, "Hey, that's me!!" You are the best, Jen! And yes, it is strange that we're better friends now than we were at OSU. Thank you, blogging!!


  2. I love it when people whose blogs I follow know each other in real life :)