Thursday, August 1, 2013

The barn by Bryan [August 2013]

Random, by definition, has no definite aim, reason or pattern. This is how this playlist is going to go. I have seen this Random tag that the Almost Gypsy Souls uses and decided that random is good (every now and again). The only promise I make, is it will be awesome!!! (Let’s face it, they all are!) Oh, and I did promise some Red Dirt, so I guess I better throw in some of that. This is a very scientific random sample of my ITunes, I won’t reveal my methods, just trust me, it’s scientific.

Random song #1
7&7, Turnpike Troubadours
Random song #2
Texas in 1880, Radney Foster
Random song #3
Big Money, Garth Brooks
Random song #4
Dimebag, Cross Canadian Ragweed
Random song #5
Like Jesus Does, Eric Church

Is that random enough?


  1. Love. I mean seriously. YAY for August!


  2. All awesome songs, love randoms!