Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#9: Gettin' extreme

The theme of the weekend was "gettin' extreme".....hey this is my story, I'll tell it how I want. Anyway, all I really wanted to do this weekend was learn to wakeboard.....and I got up for about 2.5 seconds. Since there is still alot of lake time left this summer, I'm not going to mark it off the Dirty 30 list quite yet...but if I don't get better then getting my lead rear out of the water will end up counting.

In preparation for Wakeboarding 101 (taught to myself by myself) I spent the better part of a day watching YouTube videos on how to do it.

Luckily for me there are no photos or videos of my first wakeboarding lesson.

Obviously I started this post a while back, but I am happy to report I can now wakeboard and sometimes I even get out of the wake. I'll probably be doing flips by next summer. Don't hold me to that last statement. Thanks.

Here's to marking another off the Dirty 30 list! #9. Learn to wakeboard....CHECK!

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