Monday, June 3, 2013

The barn by bryan [June 2013]

June, the month summer comes to town, Yahoooo!!!  Sunny skies, warm weather, the lake, and the month of gypsies, or in this case, Almost Gypsy Souls (I may have made that up).  So, with that in mind, this list has a slight gypsy slant, it is in the name after all.  Just do get too lost that you can’t find your way home.

Airstream Song; Miranda Lambert:  I hear the Almost Gypsy Soul dreams of an Airstream
Wide Open; Jason Aldean
Colder Weather; Zac Brown Band
I suppose I’ll throw in some Red Dirt (that isn’t really gypsy) since the Almost Gypsy Soul got to go to Red Dirt on the Rocks recently (lucky dog!)
Stockyards; Casey Donahew Band
Last, Last Chance; Randy Rogers Band 
Patch of Bad Weather; Wade Bowen



  1. Not lying, I get excited at the first of every month for the new play list. Seriously. Love it. I'm going to be listening to this today as I get set up in my new office!


  2. Lovin' 'em!! Yes, that was a sentence where I didn't fully complete either of the two words. Geez, I'm classy.

    Great soundtrack for Almost Gypsy Soul, my friend!