Wednesday, June 12, 2013

365 days of braggin' rights

If you remember my warning to the young grasshoppers about wanting to fast forward their lives to "big kid" life. Well here is the product of big kid life. Gotta keep that place of employment exciting and rewarding. This is how ya do it!

This is going to be a traveling trophy so each office that wins it will get to display this beaut in their office for 365 days and of course rub everyone else's face in their NAP shortcomings.

And the winner(s) this year is............ A TIE! The Lincoln County office and Sweetwater/Sublette County office (that's my office!!!) tied at 15 Exhibit 21s for the 2012 crop year. That is the equivalent of 60 on/off dates for BLM and FS permits for one rancher.

We recently had a mandatory training for our new software that integrates (or will integrate) all of our programs and databases into a single location and I was told that one particular office thought there should be a prize for the office that had the least number of Exhibit 21s so this participation award was born.....

And the winner is.........Niobrara County!

Enjoy your trophies for the next 365 days and we will see you next year to take that trophy back!....the champion one of course!


  1. Love the half a horse trophy! Hilarious!


  2. Kimberly - Niobrara County! WHOOP, WHOOP!!!Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    I will have you know, that it is interesting and difficult for me to come up with an appropriate answer for the little girls who frequent our office, when they ask, "Why does that horse just have a butt?" :) Nevertheless, we are displaying our trophy proudly, and will hang onto it until the next NAP disaster year....which, hopefully won't be for several more years :)