Monday, June 17, 2013

It'll always be home to me

My heart breaks for Colorado and all those affected by the multiple wildfires. Yes,the Black Forest fire is very, very bad, but there are multiple fires burning throughout Colorado, let us all remember all those affected and pray for safety for everyone.

Please take the time to visit Help Colorado Now to find out more how you can assist those in need. They have a link and summary of reputable organizations that are assisting in relief efforts,  if  you would like to donate to the cause. I personally donate to the Salvation Army because its online, its easy, I support their mission, approximately 84 cents of every donation dollar goes to help those in need and you can specify what you would like your donation to go towards.....i.e. Choose Colorado!

Throughout the last few days, I have had so many friends on Facebook offering to shelter animal, people, gathering supplies to donate, donating money, offering up prayers....anything they can do to help Colorado in need. Please, please consider a donation, no matter how large or small. It all helps first responders as well as victims.

Its still so early in fire season, take every precaution possible and if you see anything call it in immediately. Its going to be a long summer.


  1. :( My heart breaks for all the areas affected by these fires.

    RAIN...rain...rain - we need it so badly!


  2. Ugh, so, so sad. And scary. Praying for all of them. I just cannot imagine.


  3. Seems like it's just too early for fire season. My heart breaks for those families :(