Thursday, June 20, 2013

#29.10: Cowboy corn

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I'm an Oklahoma State fan, you can't live in Stillwater for any amount of time and not love you some orange. I'd argue Oklahoma, but there is no doubt one of those "other" fans reading this who will try to prove me wrong. Now, I'm not a crazy fan, I'll watch a game, but I don't know every player on every OSU sports team since the beginning of time. I like my orange, but I don't (or never did) have season passes for any season. So I guess yeah, some would say I'm not a fan but whatever.

Music Man is a Wyoming fan and he does know every players name for every team since the beginning of Wyoming Cowboys (and usually the OSU Cowboys) so it goes without saying he wins those fights, but I think that is mostly a guy thing (and Football Fan, Tiff) so again....whatever. Wyoming fans are pretty serious fans! I love watching Wyoming fans watch Wyoming football....its great!
Ok so the real point of this post is to show off the awesome cornhole boards that were fabricated last week for some lake fun (just in case we don't spend every hour from sun up to sun down on the water, like if we run out of gas or something). Since I was the painter of this project, I naturally wanted OSU boards, but Music Man had different ideas about which colors should be used. He was ok with the Cowboys though, but since I delegated most of the carpentry work out, I figured I should oblige.


So in the end its Cowboys (the good guys, orange and black) vs Cowboys (the not-as-good guys, prairie gold and brown). And in case you are wondering there is apparently a difference between just gold or yellow and prairie gold. And for using paint on hand.....I nailed the prairie gold perfectly!
Which board is the winner for best looking? (HINT: orange and black!)

PS. I even sewed those beanbags less than 24 hours....chalking it up to a win.


  1. These look great!! I'm so impressed with you! Way to go! And can I tell you how proud I am to have been given a football-related shout out? My day is made. No question!


  2. Super cute! What an easy craft to do-and the paint looks great!

  3. These are awesome!! Good work!!

  4. These are soooooo great!!! (Especially the orange and black one - of course). And you sewed the beanbags?? Total win!