Thursday, June 13, 2013

Farmer's daughter

I grew up a farmer's daughter and I am shamefully admitting this is my first garden. Mom had a garden when I was younger, I remember "helping", but more than that I remember playing while Mom gardened. Hers was big.......mine is little.....Tylie doesn't like veggies!

The beginnings of a farmer's daughter's city dwelling garden:

I scored some killer deals on my garden supplies! I got some MiracleGro (miracles will be needed for me to have a successful garden) potting soil for $2.99 per bag, regular $4.99 per bag. They limited me to 2 bags those....jerks. I also got some super cute tomato cages, a purple one and an orange (GO POKES!) one for $3.99 per cage, regular $8.99 per cage. Maybe the biggest savings was my tomatoes....gallon tomatoes for $2.99 per plant, regular $9.97 per plant! And I bought my tank from Mike while I was home for Memorial Day.

My garden will grow (hopefully) zucchini, squash, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, spinach, jalapeno and lettuce.

And now we are ready to grow! I even checked to make sure I was supposed to water this baby everyday! Bring on the bees by my back door!

Did you catch a glimpse of the farmer's daughter?


  1. I'm trying to get geared up to plant one of my own.....there is so much to look into! Sheesh!! I'm nervous, but if you can do it, I can TRY it! :)


  2. My giant garden is planted and all of my seeds have sprouted! One thing I want to make sure you do, is I hope you put holes in the bottom of the tub for the moisture to drain...that's VERY important, or else the roots will start to rot in the bucket and your plants will die-it's happened to me before. I hope it works for you!