Friday, June 28, 2013

Soul food friday [June 2013]

It's something you always knew, just sometimes life gets in the way and it gets pushed to the back of your mind.

Friends are my soul food!

Unfortunately, last week I was reminded to NOT let life push this little piece of fact to the back of my mind, to love my friends, to let my friends know that I love them, to take a little extra time to send that email or text or pick up the phone and make the call, to spend more than is in the travel budget, to take 10 days 2 1/2 weeks off to drive what I'm going to refer to as the Giant Friend Loop Road Trip (GRLRT) instead of flying in/out in 3 days time, to buy the random gift you know they will love.

As I looked around the room, which was full, at the wake I realized how many lives this young man had touched so deeply in just 27 short years. The next day the sanctuary, the hall and foyer were filled with people wanting to pay their last respects to their friend. I am reminded to strive to be like Joe Don, to strive to be a better person and a friend to all who I have met and will meet throughout my life.

So to my friends, near and far. I love you! and call me out when I don't stay in touch like I should!


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend :( Those things are never easy.

  2. Well shoot, I missed the link up because of all my cousin's wedding chaos! But I love this blog, Jen. What a special person he must have been. I've read so many great things about him since his passing. You are so right--we have to appreciate the people who we have now!