Friday, June 7, 2013

Cleaning out the closet

I'll admit, sometimes I buy stuff that I just don't need and then I get buyers remorse....but usually that doesn't come until after I've used it once or twice thus ruining the returnability of said "stuff". So what do you do with it? I could donate it and make some thrift store shopper a very, very happy person with an awesome find, but I'm greedy. I want cold hard cash for some stuff that is basically brand new and good quality. Sorry, but its true, I like cash! Especially now that I am on the cash diet, with my wallet filing cabinet.

Anyway back to my "stuff", Little Sister, Little Sister's Boyfriend and I  headed back to Colorado for Memorial Day Weekend and we decided to have a Stars, Stripes and Savings: 1 Week Only sale on a Facebook Group Swap Shop site. Now let me tell you, I'm on several here in my new home and the one back home is WAY BETTER!

Now the marketing major in me made up some way cute photos to help catch people's eye in all the postings. Here are a couple of my favorites!

In all fairness, all this stuff isn't mine, some of it is Little Sister's. And as you can see, very few clothes were up for sale....I just can't seem to get rid of clothes. Yes, I have a whole closet full. No, I do not wear them all. And in more fairness to me (so you don't think I'm a greedy jerk) stuff that doesn't sell, I'll donate.

How often do you clean out your "stuff"?


  1. I want the John Deere bread box for my kitchen!!


  2. I have NO problem cleaning out closets and stuff, and I hate clutter! I'm really good at just tossing stuff out, or donating it to our Salvation in laws even ask me for help because they hold on to too much stuff too. It just gives me a sense of accomplishment to clean stuff out, I dunno, I'm weird!