Monday, July 22, 2013

Urban Dictionary

Have you ever read the urban dictionary? Did you even know there was such a thing as an urban dictionary?

I learned about its existence from Assistant Pack Leader when she bought her "hooptie". I learned of said purchase via text message and I had no idea what a "hooptie" was. About 10 days later after it had been the victim of attempted grand theft auto, I was home and was informed about the proper definition of a "hooptie". If you missed the grand theft auto story make sure to click the link and check it out!

But back to a "hooptie"

Any car that meets the following: a) driver must enter car through passenger side b) three different brand and size tires - 3 of them missing hubcap c) exhaust is held up by half a clothes hanger - other half replaces the antenna d) backfires every three blocks - loudest backfire being when car is turned off e) must open door at drive-thrus as windows don't roll down f) you only get one AM station and the tape deck eats all tapes inserted g) can't open the glove box as the whole thing will fall out h) if you let go of steering wheel while driving you'll make a u-turn i) must manually move blinker lever up and down as it no longer blinks on it's own j) must keep one foot on brake and one on accelerator when at a complete stop k) has had the same temporary registration sticker in the window for the last 18 months l) has all the above issues but still has a $200 professional tint job
"Hey gotta have the phattest hooptie in town!"

Thanks for the lesson Assistant Pack Leader!


  1. I swear I have never heard this before in my life!


  2. I feel like I just received a very valuable education. Goal: use hooptie in a sentence sometime this week. In my city, that is a reasonable goal.


  3. HA! I love that you looked it up on urban dictionary! I knew what it was, but can't say I'd ever looked up the definition!