Monday, July 1, 2013

The barn by bryan [July 2013]

It’s July, you know what the means?  We celebrate the birth of America!  We have BBQ’s, we gather with friends and family, we go camping or to the lake, and we shoot off fireworks.  But the most important part of this holiday is not a day off (although that is pretty nice!), it’s the fact that the greatest nation is the world came into existence this month 237 years ago. 
So, this playlist is devoted to America… Enjoy…

Ray Charles; America the Beautiful
Toby Keith; Made in America
Shooter Jennings; 4th of July
Don McLean; American Pie
Lee Greenwood; God Bless the USA

Sorry no Red Dirt, maybe next month

Happy Birthday America!!!!



  1. I get excited on the first for two reasons now---pay day and new songs from Bryan! I'm going to let the no red dirt thing slide this month because of America and all, but next month we better be back on track with that!


  2. Good list! I was looking for ideas for songs to make a playlist cause we'll be out on a friend's pontoon on the lake for the 4th. Thanks!