Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#15.6: Far-away friend: "the hubby"

He knows me. He is allowed to say things to me that others would get slapped for. We lived together. He is OCD. I make piles (clean, neat, tidy ones). He does dishes. I make messes in the kitchen. He is nice to my dog even after she bit him. He wouldn't let his dog bite me. I call him an old man, but he can't wait until is excited I'm finally 30 because we made a pact to get married when we both turned 30, if we weren't already married. He's been waiting a while ;).

He'd drive across the state of Oklahoma when my heart had been broken and left with no ride home just to pick me up and take me home (unfortunately this is not theoretical). He calls just to check in on me. He buys me Cattlemens' when I'm in Oklahoma City. He lets me ride his best reining horse and doesn't laugh when I almost fall off. He lets me call him a nerd. He's one of the good ones.