Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kids these days

I'll preface this post with I don't have kids of my own (I don't want to lose any readers!) so in my expert opinion......here we go.

As I'm out and about, I've noticed that little kids all have their own cell phone, Ipad (I mean seriously they took the book Goodnight Moon and turned it into Goodnight Ipad), Ipod, Gameboy (whatever the new ones are called, I realize that Gameboy is so yesterday) and various other devices that require some sort of charging cord. Along with packing these items around, it seems that many kiddos also pack around the opinion that they have to have these items and their parents owe it to them to spend the money so that they might carry them to school each day. I have even offered the advice to one of my ranchers "If you have trouble, just ask one of your grandkids to send me the email from your Iphone."

Last week, a friend from back home posted this video of the reveal of her daughter's birthday gift from Mom and Dad.

Do you kinda feel like its your birthday because you have to click the link to find out what the present is?

I love this video and love that in place of an Ipad, this little girl asked for this gift instead (and obviously meant it with her whole heart)!

Happy birthday!


  1. This. Is. Awesome. I love it! I got a cow on my birthday when I was about her age. Best present ever. This is how kids show be raised if you ask me! Totally sharing this on my blog soon!


  2. Ahhh, that made little tears prick the backs of my eyelids. So sweet. That kid is gonna do something good in life - in big part because of her parents and the way she was raised.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I love that she wanted a red cow!

    We give our kiddos a heifer for their first birthday...the gift that keeps on giving : )

  4. This little girl and her red cow!!! Several years ago she claimed our only red cow as her own and named her Daisy. Miss Briez got very upset that we wouldn't wash her up and take her to the Stock Show so she could show her a couple years ago. Explaining there was no class there for gummer cows didn't go well. Daisy raised 12 calves, so it was no surprise to us when she was open last fall. Miss Briez knows what happens when a cow is open and cried her eyes out. Then she spent the next 6 months asking when she was getting a new red cow. She even wrote guilt trip letters to her Daddy telling him how much she missed her red cow. It is harder than one might think to find one red pair without just going to a sale. We finally found a pair right before her birthday. The new red cow has been named Daisy...

    1. Oh, and a little warning I may cry when seeing this would have been great :)

  5. Yes...kids these days. I can say that living in a small town I see a lot more of stuff like this video than the ipad/gameboy stuff. It's still here, but the kids are more likely to say yes ma'am, no ma'am...and that's exactly how mine will be raised!