Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The worst of the best

A while back my real life and blogging friend, Football Fan, wrote about her trip to The Cowboy Rides Away Tour with King George. As I started commenting on her blog post, I realized I was telling her the entire story about my George concert experience a few years back at Cheyenne Frontier Days and ended my comment early with ........"but.....well I'm just going to write a blog about it" So here is said blog!

As long as I can remember there have been 3 artists on my dream concerts list 1)George, 2)Brooks & Dunn and 3)Garth. When I found out that George was going to be at CFD, I immediately called the Sisters and ordered us tickets. We got the "Party Zone" which is standing room down on the track between the stage and the grandstands. We had been to CFD concerts before and the Party Zone was awesome, comfortable and fun, close to the action.

BE WARNED! THE PARTY ZONE IS NO PARTY AT A GEORGE CONCERT! I have never been surrounded by more rude, obnoxious, awful people in my life. I was called names that I had to look up the meaning of when I got home, pushed, elbowed and almost took a visit to the jail or the ER. Although as the story unfolded I'm pretty sure it would have been jail. One guy even told me, "I must not be from Wyoming because I was the rudest person he'd ever met and that George Strait wouldn't like me" because I wouldn't let him elbow his way past me to stand 4 inches in front of me. The BIL would be proud of his girl, Assistant Pack Leader and that rude, drunk guy should be saying his prayers that BIL was not in attendance to the concert.

The party zone was packed! 2x as many people as they should have sold tickets to were jammed down onto the track. A whole new meaning to packed in like sardines. Of course this doesn't stop people from pushing, shoving or lying their way through the crowd. Rude, drunk guy had been through several times and finally the Assistant Pack Leader let him know that "there was no place to go, that she had paid her money to see George too and that if his pregnant girlfriend meant so much to him that maybe he shouldn't be leaving to get beer every 5 minutes" At which point he turns around and yells at her "F you" (I'm gonna clean this conversation up for you folks). And at that time, she loses it.....grabs him by the front of his shirt, lifts him up off the ground and is yelling in his face "No, F you", I turn around just in time to see him rear back with a fist, which is caught by a nice Harley riding, bodyguard looking guy, as Assistant Pack Leader ducks nicely out of the way. Enter security, Exit rude, drunk guy and no one knows about the pregnant girlfriend.

My first and last George concert and likely my last time to the Party Zone at CFD unless its for a local band that neither I nor anyone else in the world has heard of.

Have you ever attended an event that, in your mind was going to be the best ever and turned out to be slightly less.....or much, much less. If it hadn't been George, I could honestly say it was the worst concert I've ever been too. You, sir, I'm pretty sure George wouldn't like you!


  1. This makes me angry for you. I feel certain that if George knew about this, he would have totally yelled at the mean people and gotten you a better seat. Not okay, people. Not okay.


  2. What a bummer, should have sent me a message I woulda called my boyfriend George and had him move you girls to VIP! ;)

  3. Awful! We had an experience kind of like that at a Sugarland concert. There were these obnoxious girls who were drunk and just kept pushing into us, spilling their drinks on us, etc. I told my husband if he didn't say something to them, I was probably gonna get into a fight that night. So thankfully he said something and they left after awhile to go bother someone somewhere else.

    Oh, and I did see Brooks and Dunn! They were great!

  4. Total bummer! We've seen George at CFD, in standing room, in the rain...and it was honestly one of my favorite concerts ever. I wish you girl's would have had the same experience!

  5. My two favorite concerts at CFD:

    1) Same as Emily, George Strait in the rain....we were soaked from head to toe (knees down was all mud), and it was the most memorable concert I've ever been to. I commended George for staying out there and putting on a show for us despite being cold and wet himself.

    2) Merle Haggard opened by Chancey Williams & YBB at CFD...smaller concert....Party Zone was not packed and filled with people who were truly there to hear great music...not to get drunk and be obnoxious. Merle was absolutely phenomenal.