Friday, July 19, 2013

I believe in whoopins

When I was growing up I thought I had it so bad. I had chores, I had a summer job, I got spanked, I got grounded, I was responsible for my own checking account. The older I got the more I realized how thankful I am for the "rough childhood" I had. My parents taught me responsibility, integrity and that there ARE consequences for my actions.

This week I spent a fair amount of time at the National High School Finals Rodeo that is held here in Rock Springs where there is somewhere around 6,000 high school kids here from all over the U.S., Canada and Australia competing in 10 days of high school rodeo. A few days ago, I was sitting outside the NRS trailers talking with Chance and a mother and her 7ish year old screamed by. The mother was dragging the little boy by while he was screaming and crying "I want that rope." As they made their way in front of us, he grabbed her arm, shoved it in his mouth and proceeded to bite her as hard as he could. She threatened that if he "didn't quit she was going to give him a spanking." About 10 yard down the midway, he grabbed the bag she was carrying and ripped it out of her hands, spilling the contents on the ground. As she bent over to pick them up, he continued screaming, stomping his feet and crying. As they started out of the midway, he came up behind her and kicked her to which he got a spanking a swat that wouldn't have killed a fly and then off came his shoe which he proceeded to throw at her head. I sat there, not believing what I had just witnessed. I have never, ever seen a kid act so poorly with no consequences and I have to admit, I shuddered, literally shuddered when the thought of what my parents would have done to me if I had acted half that bad when I was his age, crossed my mind.

In addition to my horror after this scene, it came to my attention that the bad behavior continued inside the trade show. Over the loud speaker it was announced "God doesn't like thieves".....many vendors have questioned themselves about attending the NHSFR in the future because of the amount of merchandise that has been stolen this year. In the booth next to ours, the vendor caught a kid stealing a bit from her shop. She called the cops, the coach and went to the parents. When the parents were told what the kid had done, they weren't upset, they did NOTHING! NHSFR however did do something....the kid was disqualified and sent home.....all the way back to Florida.

I believe in responsibility, I believe in discipline, I believe in consequences, I believe in integrity and I believe in butt whoopins'.


  1. Holy crap!!! Honestly, I knew better as a kid to NOT act like that in public. We just didn't act like that...EVER. It surprises me in a setting where agriculture and hard work is the premise, that there would be kids that acted this way. WOW. Unreal.

  2. Totally! What a mess. Like Nicole said, it surprises me that this all happened in an ag setting. I shudder to think what it's like in other non-agricultural settings.


  3. However, never spank your step child...... I have a friend that did just that. And was arrested for child abuse this week. Nothing like having 3 unruly kids in your home for the summer that don't have to behave because you can't enforce your home rules on them. Your kids, however, must still abide by the rules and get a whoopin when a whoopin is deserved. (for the record--he wasn't whooped nearly as hard as I may have wanted to for his behavior)

  4. Oh boy! What a mess is right! Along the lines of whoopin' I have a 16 mo old who likes to bite. I tried the timeout thing it worked briefly; but I needed to bring out the whoopin' last night and phew this won't be easy! He giggled after the whoopin' and all the way to his "spot". I think I'm in for it, and have some learning myself to do, but i'll be damned if my kids act like the ones you mentioned.