Friday, July 26, 2013

Soul Food Friday [June 2013]

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Food (literally) is my Soul Food. These dishes and any frown will turn upside down!

Every town has that one food that just can't be replicated anywhere else and will forever be the favorite of anyone who has ever lived in that town....makes it famous if you will.

Southside Bar and Grill, Limon, CO

The pepperoni and onion calzone. I won't even order a calzone unless its at Southside. Trust me on this one, if you are in Limon, eat a calzone. And if you sit by Mike, he might buy it for  you! And those plates....been there since the Tornado I'm pretty sure.

Mario's Pizzaria, Gunnison, CO

The half and half salad with no black olives and ranch dressing. If you didn't think you were in heaven with the calzone, this one will put you there for sure! Half regular salad, half pasta salad smothered in shredded mozzarella cheese, green peppers, tomatoes topped off with pepperoni and ranch dressing. Mix it up and enjoy!

El Vaquero, Stillwater, OK

Carne asada cooked in a special cheese sauce served with rice and beans, mix it all up, throw it in a tortilla and if you want to go crazy put a little of their yummy salsa in there too. Goes great with the mucho mug of cervesa. This one is so good, I asked for it for Christmas and guess what Little Sister delivered.....4 of them under my Christmas tree in my freezer...I guess I was a good girl that year.

Cattlemen's, Oklahoma City, OK

House dressing. to.die.for. And possibly the best steak I've ever had. Go ahead and add it to the "If I am in the great state of Oklahoma, I have to eat here" list. Eat here, you won't regret it.

O'Charley's, Columbia, TN
 Sometimes you just need a good burger and O'Charley's got one!

Taco Mago Taco Stand, Rock Springs, WY

They don't speak English and they randomly close down for a few days at a time (I speculate they get deported, but who knows) and if they ask you if you want the "special sauce" say yes, but maybe order some milk to go with it! Smokin' hot and super yummy!

Where is THE PLACE to eat for you? It's ok to pick more than one, I did!


  1. I don't see the link I'll put mine here:

    I love that you have pictures from everywhere. Classic. That Calzone looks AMAZING. Seriously, I want to come visit just for that.


  2. I'm craving some SERIOUS carne asada now!! And too bad for me, cause there's nowhere in my small town that makes it :( Might just have to make some myself!