Tuesday, April 23, 2013

California girls - part 2 [Alcatraz]

Luckily for me, NASCOE (National Association of County Office Employees) is NOT all work and no play. We make sure to save time for work too as I was in meetings all day on Friday and half of Saturday. The meetings were good and provided some insight on the challenges that we have been facing throughout the last few years and continue to face as we move forward during this uncertain budget climate facing our country. Which brings us to Alcatraz, which used to be a military base and then a federal penitentiary that was closed due to failing infrastructure and budgetary shortfalls. Now this famous island is a national park and gives an awesome tour and history lesson.

They have a sweet audio tour, complete with 1990s headphones. The tour includes narration by 3 prisoners and 3 guards that lived and worked at Alcatraz. Alcatraz housed the worst of the worst and included Al Capone. His great niece happened to be at the prison, autographing her book, Uncle Al Capone.....Can you believe that I met a CAPONE? and I bought the book which you will get the run down on when I get it finished. ps. I almost completed my reading goal on this trip :)

Now back to Alcatraz tour day

Highly recommend the Alcatraz tour! And don't be shy to stay a while and enjoy the whole island.


  1. I am so jealous you met a Capone! I always buy a book when I am there (Alcatraz Justice was my favorite so far) so that is awesome! Such a fun tour to do!


  2. I have been to San Fran about three times now and STILL haven't made it out to Alcatraz. Ugh!! Fail. Next time, for sure.

    What an exciting adventure! And that book - I bet it's quite interesting....