Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#29.4: Idaho sunrise

I've been to Idaho so naturally I felt like I should try out the recipe. And The Retired Guy's wife has chickens. Chickens that lay approximately 28 eggs per day. Yes folks, per day. Everyone that knows Retired Guy and his wife, they have high cholesterol. But this recipe is ideal for folks that have been to Idaho and have an over abundance of eggs in the fridge. I'll warn you that scooping out those taters was not as easy as I thought it would be.....maybe its because I'm not a real Idahoan? Anyway that little bit of info explains the aluminum foil boats that my taters are cooking in.

via Our Best Bites blog

Yup! I NAILED it!

Well maybe I need to practice one more time.


  1. Oh wow. Those look SO good.

    28 eggs a day?? That is some hard-core egg laying.


  2. Those look amazing! I must try this!