Monday, April 22, 2013

California girls - Part 1

well......kinda, I'm not exactly the shape of acceptable California girls, but whooo-wee, that warm sun shining on my face when I stepped off the plane in Long Beach......maybe I could do 8 hour Biggest Loser workouts in addition to working full-time. And maybe.....maybe  getting up at 4 am 4.30 am was worth it. Not a mph of wind or a flake of snow in sight....{sigh} I'm one happy girl right now [ignoring the fact I'm stuck inside on a flight layover until my final destination]

So just in case you missed it, I am in California for a whole week! The first 3.5 days are for a employees association of which I am the lone Wyoming delegate (and no your federal tax dollars are not paying for this trip). Luckily for me, I found time away from touristing long enough on other NASCOE trips to make some new friends from other states so I won't be on my own all week. My partner in crime had a family emergency and had to cancel her trip at the last minute. After my place of employment duties, I'm stopping off in Long Beach to spend a few days with.........California Girl and her family! I am so excited about this as we have hung out at some of my old stomping grounds but I've never been to hers....I wonder if my square toe ABs will fit in in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, CA? Stay tuned to find out!

Before I turn you loose for today, here a few shots from sunny Californ-I-A!

The food was so amazing! While in San Francisco I don't think I order anything that didn't have some time of seafood in it. I mean seriously.....crab mac n' cheese? sweet potato brownies? shrimp baked spuds? and of course my umbrella drink....Sex on Baker Beach.

Stayed tuned for some recaps of my favorite activities in sorta sunny California! Sorry about kinda copping out on this post, I know I did a little recap post of my trip last week to get you hooked into this but I just wasn't ready to spill the beans quite yet!

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  1. Sometimes I feel so limited with the food choices we have here in our small town, that no matter where I go the food is always better!

  2. I cannot wait to hear all about your adventure!! Seriously so excited! And I've got to have my dad try lobster mac and cheese when we are there in May!


  3. Loving the photos!! Continue to have a fantastic time!