Friday, April 5, 2013

#15.4: Far-away Friend: Cowboy Family

This quarter's collection of Far-away Friends will feature all my far-away families. Even if it started out as friendship of one, it turned into the entire family. I can't imagine my life without every single person that makes up each of these families.

If you remember from earlier in my blog, Cowboy family are the ones that introduced me to Stretch, one of my good friends and one of my favorite roommates ever!

Cowboy Family are some of the best people you will ever meet! They are hardworking, honest, caring, salt of the earth people. Nothing is more important to them than family (they celebrated 35 years of marriage this week!), friends, ranching, working hard and playing hard. Some of my favorite memories are with Cowboy Family, they live in one of the toughest, most beautiful parts of Colorado.

Cowboy Family has grown over the last few years with Cowboy #1 getting married and having a little girl and another on the way. Cowboy #3 got married and have the cutest little dog. As the family grows I just keep adding favorites to my list in K-Town. I have met so many great people through Cowboy Family and I always feel so at home and like I'm family in K-Town.

Its the simple things that I remember so much with Cowboy Family....week long July 4th celebrations filled with fishing, campfires, storytelling, and canoe races. Brandings filled with all the neighbors in the whole valley, lots of good food, hard work and friendship. Winter get togethers filled with wood burning stoves, yard games, beers, and a feast that would rival any fancy dinner....all taking place in the shop. Days filled with sprite, crown & cokes and hours of Mario Kart. Drives home filled with a few dark miles....our headlights quit working and we didn't have cell service. Beautiful weddings filled with hundreds of friends and family, beautiful ceremonies and hours filled with remembering the past and looking towards the future.

There is always an open door in K-Town and at Cowboy Family's house. Thank you guys for being such great friends, I will always treasure our friendship that has made it so many years despite the many miles and sometimes infrequent visits!

And all the photos are complements of Facebook. I stole them all!

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