Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#30.5: Uncle Al Capone

If you aren't new to this blog you will remember my trip out to San Francisco and to Alcatraz, if you are new...click here to read more about my trip to Alcatraz or here to read more about all my travelin' adventures.

My trip had a little surprise waiting for us at the gift shop at the end of our tour.....Diedre Marie Capone, a great niece of Al Capone was there, personally signing her book titled Uncle Al Capone. This almost gypsy soul came home with a new book, signed by a Capone and at just the right time as I had finished 1.5 of my 2 book flight allotment that I had checked out from the library before I left Wyoming.

Uncle Al Capone was a very interesting book, it provides the reader with an insiders view of what Al Capone might have really been like....from a home and family perspective. The book doesn't go into great detail of what he was like had you had a "business" relationship with him, but there are plenty of other books that do.

One interesting thing that was discussed in the book was how Al had changed after serving time in Alcatraz. After going through the  audio tour of the prison and hearing the accounts of actual prisoners, one can't help but wonder how the monotony of life as a prisoner in Alcatraz would affect a person and their ability to return to the "real world".

I think I might get interested in learning more about the Mob....there was even reference to a big name from back in the day from Rock Springs, America....one that is still present today and as legend is told was quite active in the Mob.

I liked this book alot and as someone who is always looking for the good in people, even people who have been dubbed "Public Enemy #1", this book hit the nail on the head. The book review deems this one a must read.

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  1. I always find a new book when I go to Alcatraz. Glad you got this one and got to meet a Capone!