Friday, May 10, 2013

#30.3: the ninth step

[Linking up with Heather over at the Undercover Blonde]

Oh I love me a good murder mystery! I haven't been the the library in quite some time....yeah I still have a library card and I pickup real books, I don't have one of those e-reader things. Anyway, I always cruise the "new releases" section and I pick books like I pick wine. A catchy title and cover and .......bam, you got me! Since I was getting ready to fly to CA, I stopped to get some books before I left. This one I finished on the first day.....before I made it to my final destination. Its an easy read and highly recommended if you are into murder mystery books.

Let's just say the ending isn't what you expect....or at least I sure didn't.  Trying not to do a spoiler, I'll give you a few details.

The Ninth Step by Grant Jerkins is a story of one woman's quest to right her wrongs after admitting she is an alcoholic and joining a 12 Step Program. As she works her way through the steps, she finds herself beside the least likely person to fill the role of "love of my life". As she tries to live a normal life, demons of her past keep showing up, threatening to ruin the happiness she has finally been able to find.

Pick up a copy today and let me know what you think.....tomorrow.


  1. It's THAT good?! Hmmmm, might have to check it out!

  2. I love mystery novels. I can't read them at night though. Or even during the day if I'm by myself. (*Scaredy-cat*)

    This one sounds good!