Friday, May 31, 2013

#15.5: Faraway friend:Okie Cowboy Family

Okie Cowboy Family really did become my real family. I met Okie Cowboy at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch quite some time ago. He had come back to help out for a couple weeks one summer while I was working there in college. Turns out he had met his wife there a few years before this. I didn't really get to know Okie Cowboy Mom until I packed all my stuff and moved to Oklahoma for grad school at Oklahoma State. We all instantly liked each other and were immediately friends, plus you gotta form alliances around this guy!

I spent a fair amount of time out at their house dinners, horses, ranch rodeos, concerts, Sonic pitstops etc....we kept pretty busy, but sometimes it was just hanging the country, relaxing. Okie Cowboy even had Bandit, who is Tylie's baby daddy. Once Okie Cowboy met Tylie, the first thing he asked me was if she had been spayed. I told him "No, not yet, but I am planning on it soon" He talked me into having pups and he picked out the first one, which they still have today, Ringo. Okie Cowboy likes to give me a hard time that Ringo is "just like his mother", but even though he is a little quirky, a little spoiled and only has 3 legs.....they just don't know what they would do without him!

Okie Cowboy and Okie Cowboy Mom have since added two little cowgirls to their posse. They are some of the cutest little girls ever and I'm sure that they will be amazing little trick ropers, just like their daddy.

Okie Cowboy Family takes you in as one of their own. I can't believe how little I get to see them these days. I miss them alot! Not to mention, everyone needs a friend who vacuums hide-a-beds, with a vacuum, ignoring the fact that vacuums come equipped with hoses....yep that really happens when you have an Okie Cowboy Friend.

Oh and he is a movie star too.


  1. are too sweet! We miss you lots too. and Tylie too. We just keep hoping that you will move back to Oklahoma so we can have more adventures together. Love ya, Lisa

  2. Awww, precious. Those girls are adorable!