Friday, May 3, 2013

What's your name [Assistant Pack Leader]

BIL and Assistant Pack Leader have a pack of dogs (doo-gis is the correct pronunciation if you are in anyway related to us girls). Their immediate pack consists of 2 doogis', a sneaky mini aussie mix, Gus and an independent, chunky weenie, Critter. Occasionally, there are 2 additions to the pack....a little black n' tan weenie, Tobie (Little Sister's doog) and a blue heeler, Tylie (my doog). Now, since all of these doogs have multiple names, I'll try to keep it simple in blog land and refer to them by their given name only.

Summer Camp is BIL's parents house where BIL keeps his horses and goes out each day to ride, rope and do various other boy things (that's what the Assistant Pack Leader calls when BIL babysits). BIL's parents have the Guard Dog, Grace, The Beagle, Wyatt and the Chihuahua. Enter the pack!

There is a certain pecking order that has been established at Summer Camp and Assistant Pack Leader's house. Critter is quite intelligent (and naughty) but he and Assistant Pack Leader can often be found in conversation with each other.....we won't go into details about who wins these. I'm sure you are wondering why we skipped right to Assistant, BIL has always filled the spot of pack leader and NO ONE challenges his position.
On day, Assistant Pack Leader was politely telling Critter that he in fact is not the pack leader and he needed "fall into line". At that time BIL walks into the room and in his best Critter voice, "Assistant Pack Leader is a bullsh*t title" and so just to show Critter who is boss, we have a self-proclaimed
Assistant Pack Leader

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