Friday, May 24, 2013

Soul Food Friday [May 2013]

Welcome to Soul Food Friday! I will host a link up the 4th Friday of the month. Link up to share with your fellow bloggers anything that motivates you, speaks to you or generally gets you excited about life.....share it at Soul Food Friday! (get your badge at the bottom of my page :))

I'm going to steal the thunder from the blog music for one day (sorry Music Man!) Make sure you shut off the player and listen to this awesome video......

My Soul Food: at the end of a dirt road

1. rain
2. dirt roads (picture via Prickly Pair Photography, check them out....amazing!)
3. mountains
4. Colorado sunsets
5. starry nights

Give me any or all of these things and I'm one happy girl, even if it can't last forever.


  1. Love it, Jen!! YAY for the end of a dirt road!

  2. Everything I love is at the end of a dirt road. ;)

    I love this link up. S glad I found your blog.