Monday, May 20, 2013

#29.7: horseshoe windchime

NASCOE is our employees association. At each area or national meeting a scholarship auction is held to keep funding in the various scholarship funds that are available to NASCOE member's children. Each state in attendance is asked to donate items to the scholarship auction.

I volunteered to do our scholarship item when we went to San Fransisco for the All-West Area Rally. After cruising Pinterest to decide what could fit in a suitcase (mine to get out there and someone else's on the way back), I settled on this cute horseshoe windchime.

My horseshoe windchime even has authentic Wyoming horse poo in it :) I don't do things halfway ya know..... And another little side note....that JB Weld was one bad A!!!!!

Here is my finished to get to work on one for my little homestead.


  1. This turned out really great, Jen! I also love the real "horse poo" aspect. :)


  2. Love! This is so nice.

    Also, I had a brief moment of panic last night as I was starting to pack wedding stuff. I had my brooch bouquet but could not find the picture charm you sent me ANYWHERE. I was tearing the house apart, remembering that I had place it in a very safe place. So safe I couldn't remember where. Then Kevin asked, "Would you have put it with your filing stuff?" Me: "Noooooo. I don't think so...." But I went to check. And there it was. Whew. :)