Monday, May 13, 2013

the little heart on my drivers license

Even when I was the young age of 16 and getting my first drivers license I made the choice to be an organ donor, after all, if the question of if I am an organ donor was needed to be asked......its pretty obvious that I didn't need them anymore. It wasn't a choice that I gave alot of thought to, it just made sense to me.

On Sunday, it hit me what my choice really means. It means that I will live on through someone else.  It means that my family can be proud of the difference that I could make in a stranger's life even through tragedy in our own. It means that someone else gets to spend more days, weeks, months, years with their loved ones. It means that a stranger might welcome my family into theirs and my family might welcome a stranger into our family.

This weekend, Coach Grimes parents and Stacey got to meet the lady who was the recipient of his heart when he passed. They got to listen to his heart and heard the words "I am not the owner of his heart, I am merely the gatekeeper of his heart" from a grateful and humbled woman. I do believe that 2 families were united as one this weekend.

Photos via Facebook

When each of his track girls graduated, one could be sure that they would receive a framed piece of black fabric that said "Teammates Forever." Grimes. I think he knew that "Teammates Forever" meant more than just on that iconic black oval out behind the school in little ole' Limon, Colorado. And even after he is gone, he is still welcoming new members to the TEAM.

Click here to find out more about becoming an organ and tissue donor.


  1. What a great story! I am also a donor, as is my husband. It just seems like such a waste to not be. And thanks for sharing an amazing story-we don't always get to see the other side of it. How inspiring.

  2. I am a recipient of a lung and would LOVE to be able to let my Donor's family hear this lung breathe.
    I was not fortunate enough to hear back from my Donor's family but would like the WORLD to know how very grateful I am.
    The story of Coach and his heart recipient is a wonderful one and gives me goose bumps every time I read about another meeting between Coach's family and this sweet, grateful, lady.

  3. What a neat story!!

    Totally glad that I have a little heart on my license. Talk about leaving a legacy.


  4. I somehow missed this blog. It gives me goosebumps. This is seriously amazing, Jen. What a legacy!