Friday, January 25, 2013


I got this email earlier this week and it really made me think about our lives and the rat race that tends to take over. Do these look familiar to anyone else?

Having coffee with friends

A day at the beach

Cheering on your team

Having dinner with friends

Out on an itimate date

Having a conversation with your BFF

A visit to the museum

Enjoying the sights

I feel as this day may have arrived. Can you unplug for a weekend? Enjoy your friends, your family, the world that God created around us, museums, sporting events, festivals. Enjoy ANYTHING and do it without your phone! That Albert E was one smart fella.

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  1. Ugh, I was just thinking this last night! I was at a coffee shop working on a presentation on my computer and two different families came in while I was there (I was there a LONG time) for dinner and both times it was a mom and two kids and they all just stared at their phones and didn't even talk. That would never have flown in my house growing up!