Thursday, January 3, 2013

#29.2: Pendleton lamp

If you can pin it, you can do it!

I got all crafty this year for Christmas and some of my best creations will show up on this blog periodically. Here is a super cool lamp that I made for Bryan (one for my house is currently in the works, that is how much I loved the finished product!)

I started out with an clean, empty Pendleton bottle (very important part is making sure its empty, you will have plenty of friends who want to help with this step). Then I picked up a great burlap lampshade at Target and ordered these cork lamp kits from Amazon is my go-to shopping location! I ran around town and picked up some chocolate brown acrylic paint and some kiddo's play sand.
  1. Trace the silhouette onto the lampshade (I used a Sharpie) and paint it in with acrylic paint. It will take a couple of layers to fill in the burlap.
  2. Fill up the bottle with play sand and make sure to shake it around because it will settle.
  3. Pop in the cork lamp kit stopper, add a light bulb and the lampshade
  4. Plug it in and admire your work.


  1. Probably the best Christmas present ever!