Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#15.1: Far-away friend: TC

This is Far-away friend TC, he is one of my favorite guys in the whole, wide world! I heart him very, very much! TC and I go back a ways....all the way to Gunnison, CO. TC and I were Sunday church buddies, Sunday breakfast burrito buddies, drag the hay meadows partners in crime, late night dialers, and all around there whenever we needed each other.

TC is getting married in August and I couldn't be happier for him and his new wifey-to-be, Shelby. I will be southbound 35 via the big bird in the sky to celebrate the both of them and I.CAN'T.WAIT. And, how freaking adorable are they?????

I love this kid and God definitely gave me a friend that I need and named him TC.



  1. Love it. Best guy friends are absolutely THE best!! :)


  2. Hello! I saw your blog this morning on Tiffany's blog and came over to listen to your playlist while at work! While here, I started scrolling through! I love your blog! Small world---I got to this and thought, man that guy looks familiar....turns out he is marrying a girl I grew up with! Shelby is one of my good friends! Anyways, just thought that was crazy!!

    1. It is a small world! I am so excited to meet Shelby. I know she has made TC so happy so I know I already love her! Thanks for swinging by and maybe I'll see you at the wedding.