Tuesday, January 22, 2013

National blood donor month

Its official, there is a national day/month of ________ for EVERYTHING. Did you know they even have a National Donut Day?.....I was unaware of this until last year, but I heard it on the radio so I went straight to Cowboy Donuts and loaded up for the office. Yeah, I was supposed to be dieting, but what is a girl supposed to do when its National Donut Day? Being a fun-hater and not participating in the celebration is not an option.

Anyway.....don't give blood on National Donut Day....I think your tests would come back funky or something. But lucky for us there is a National blood donor month and that is.....yep, right now! January! I have good blood and good veins so I think its my duty to give blood. Secretly, I love Gardettos and I get a little snack pack for free when I give blood so that is motivation right there. Sometimes I sneak two, but don't tell the blood folks that, ok?

Now that I live in WY, we have United Blood Services. But when I lived in OK and TN, I donated with American Red Cross. Find a place and donate today....you get free stuff most of the time. I like free stuff.

There is pretty good participation in Sweetwater County, sometimes they get really behind and you have to wait forever to give blood (like 2 snack packs forever) so I have started to give double red blood cell (RBC) instead of whole blood. It takes a little longer (about an hour) to donate, but you aren't eligible to donate as frequently since they take more RBC out. They take your blood out, channel it through this big machine that separates your RBC out and into one of the little bags. Then your plasma and some other stuff is returned to your body. Then repeat the process and you are done!

Happy Blood Donation Month!

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  1. I tried to donate as one of my 28 acts of kindness, but they wouldn't take it because I had been to Costa Rica in the last year. Thumbs down!