Thursday, January 17, 2013

HomeMade: Make this house a home

I moved to Rock Springs and bought my first house in 2009! Exciting, I can pick my own paint colors. I bought my house in foreclosure and it had a few projects (and a few that I wasn't expecting). It definitely a work in progress and I'll blog about each room as I get it finished. Fair warning, I'm not that great at finishing projects so some of them might be closely followed with a 'my first sale' blog. And no, I don't see that coming too soon.

This the the picture that I thought I had of the outside of my house.
 See I told you I was bad at this picture thing......I thought that I might take one before work in the morning, but its super cold and all snowy and icy and I just don't think my house would look as joyful as it does when there is green grass and green trees. Maybe another day you will get a picture of it :)

Some of the changes that I'll eventually be blogging about include:
  • total kitchen remodel
  • new paint all around
  • new blinds all around
  • all new flooring
  • total bathroom remodel (this one wasn't by choice)
  • landscaping
  • all new paint colors
Whew, I'm getting tired just thinking about it and I had a whole lotta help with all these projects! And I enlist anyone to help Momma, Music Man, Gypsy Friend, The Retired Guy and My Contractor. I sure hope that I didn't miss anyone, if I did don't sue me please.

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  1. I am so jealous of people who can do home improvement type stuff---can't wait to see it!