Thursday, January 24, 2013

#21.2: Letters to a soldier

Did you know MREs can have a shelf life of up to 60 months? That is 5 years! longer than it took me to pay off my car (well the first time.....but thats another story). Not to mention that even if soldier is lucky enough to avoid MREs a majority of the time, they will still eat in a "cafeteria" on base.....can't imagine this is that delicious either. So I put together this little MRE Survival Kit to send to my adopted soldier. And I hope that it is useful, but honestly.....who can't use Taco Bell sauce?

MRE Survival Kit

I may or may not schedule special trips to Taco Bell just to re-stock my Taco Bell sauce stash at my house.

Looks like its time for a Taco Bell run!


  1. this, Jen! That's awesome!


  2. hahaha! I'm sure your Adopted soldier is IN LOVE with you. Food is terrible out there.


  3. I had forgotten about this one! Great idea, Jen! I'll have to add it to my Solidier's Angel ToDo List :)