Monday, September 22, 2014

when country comes to town [12 days of summer edition 3]

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 Rock Springs is the host of the National High School Finals Rodeo for the past 2 years and 3 more. I am lucky enough to have some cool friends that work for Resistol, Cactus, NRS etc....and they descend upon Rock Springs each year for the trade show at the NHSFR.

Now you all know that I have a raging social life so I'm really excited to have some folks to go out to dinner with, drink an more than one adult beverages with, sit in the shade of a really fancy NRS horse trailer,

 go golfing

and the annual grill party at my house!

Plus they gather attention everywhere because they drink Coors Light and wear cowboy hats.....its like being famous in this town I think.

Its always good to see them and catch up. I think they look forward to it as much as I do!

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  1. "They drink Coors Light and wear cowboy hats." God bless 'em!