Friday, September 26, 2014

this is jennifer, she's the single one [12 days of summer edition 4]

 photo 3b490a76-811a-4476-a40f-9fcf86b12d2e_zpsc9b8823a.png

 Yup, that really happened, that is how I was introduced at my cousin's wedding. I'm that girl. the single one. in a super awesome dress (I added that last part, it wasn't part of the introduction). So anyway, back to my cousin's wedding. It was held at a beautiful botanical gardens in Berthoud and there were lots of my favorite family people there. The weather held and the ceremony was gorgeous. They had a wonderful reception right there with music and dancing, food and fun.

Missing the other sister
Hands down best thing at the wedding.....a photo booth! Which we managed to drag both Mike AND the Big E into. against their will I might add, but the end product was some pictures that I'll cherish forever!

Congratulations Landon and Kristen!

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  1. I hate that introduction. Hate, hate, hate. I'm so sorry! One day, you'll never have to hear it again! What they should have said is, This is Jen, looking HOT in her cute dress!" Seriously--love the dress. Absolutely love. And you look fantastic!!