Friday, September 19, 2014

gettin' my fix (not on Route 66)

I checked the mailbox on Saturday (I confess, twice) hoping for my second Stitch Fix, no cigar. So I just knew it would be here on Monday and whatda ya know.....there is was! I was so excited to open this little baby up and see what my stylist had for me. Boy, oh boy, a fall fanatic's dream laid inside this box.......the only problem was mainly my size. Enter all my doubts about shopping....once again. Shoot.

While I pretty much loved everything in this box, but I'll be keeping only one item.

 LOVE this shirt! maybe my favorite thing in the box, but at the end of the day, I just can't bring myself to spend $78 on a shirt (especially when I'm trying to get back on my budget).

 These Papermoon folks got it figured out, minus the whole handwash thing. I mean let's be honest doesn't handwash really mean, wear a tank underneath so that you can wear it more than once before washing it? I kept it anyway, so if you see me wearing it and I'm the smelly kid in class, tell me to go handwash my shirt.

And the "losers" that I loved. Earrings** super cute, but $48 bucks, refer to the saving money wagon I'm climbing back on. Terry jacket** If this hadn't looked like it came from Baby Gap, it would reside in my closet. Jeans** slim fit ain't in my vocabulary, maybe someday, but its pretty doubtful.

I hate shopping, but at least this time I could cry when nothing fit in the privacy of my own home. Can't wait to see what is in my next fix! Let me know if you need a referral code, I've got a deal for you!

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  1. I absolutely love these shirts! Both of them. You may have to get a little firm with them about sticking to the budget. I had one box with all stuff that was too expensive and I got frustrated and told them I wasn't going to keep doing the box if they couldn't stay within my price range. No problems after that. :)