Wednesday, September 3, 2014

back by popular demand

I've had TWO requests to come back to blogging, citing that they missed what I had to say....WHAT! I'm on top of the world! So despite the craziness that I'm currently calling life, I'm committed to coming back, not in full force, but hopefully 2-3 times per week.

I'm going to see if I can talk Music Man into coming out of retirement and get some new tunes for you readers out there. Which I was successful! Here's a little note from Music Man. And I was super glad that the new EYB song made the list because I'm pretty much LOVIN' it!

Welcome back, Almost Gypsy Soul, we missed you! And, welcome back to you, constant listener/reader. This summer has been a bit crazy, and I spent a lot, I mean, a lot of time behind the wheel this summer, and my satellite radio is gone… suck! So, I had to listen to local radio and the same 10 songs over and over and over again. But, out of that comes a new list. This is some of the new music I had the privilege of listening to all summer. I want to know if these pass the test.

Cole Swindell, Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
Eli Young Band, Dust
Eric Church, Cold One
Florida Georgia Line, Dirt
Maddie & Tae, Girl in a Country Song

While I've spent a fair amount of my summer bellied up to my computer at work, I managed to sneak away for a few adventures, which I hope you will be excited to read about. So keep an eye out for the 12 Days of Summer coming your way!


  1. First off, the new design did not go unnoticed. I love it! Second off, I lead the bring AGS back charge. SO happy about this! And the playlists? Missed them like crazy too.

    Love this one. Dust is one of my current favs--great running song! I also love Dirt. I am sensing a pattern here?

  2. I'm so happy you posted! I've missed your blog posts and reading about what's going on with you! :)