Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the quest for awesome dining room chairs

If you remember my table dilemma you can only imagine the anguish of trying to pick out dining room chairs. Of course most people pick one chair and get 6 of them. Lucky for me my table is not big enough for 6 chairs.....so that was on my side. However, I thought tables were expensive....try buying chairs. So I ended up with the hodge podge of chairs and I'm happy with that. It matches me, it matches my life, it lets me not have to make one big decision on what chairs to buy.  I bought a set of parsons chairs from Target....of which I cant' find a picture of online. So maybe with my final post of dining room chairs I'll show you them (whenever I get the last one done). But on to the ones that I made over......with a little pintrispriation.

Pinterest inspiration

This chair from Pinterest inspired the makeover for my 2 chairs that I found at Serendipity in Limon while I was home for Memorial Day, and yes that would be Memorial Day 2013. I may or may not have a problem with starting projects and not finishing them in a timely manner.

And THAT has been turned into THIS:

These 2 beautiful full potential chairs will round out my dining table set up.

3 chairs down, 1 to go and spray paint is your friend....like your best friend!


  1. I absolutely LOVE it! The hodge podge of colorful chairs thing always reminds me of Friends, which of course I love!

  2. Love!! I'm excited to see the entire set-up all together.


  3. Those are awesome!!! Serendipity is a must stop place for me every time i'm home. I have found some awesome finds in there! Great work on the chairs, I can't wait to see the finished product.