Tuesday, May 27, 2014

necessary running accessories

This probably won't be exactly what you think you are going to read. Its something that I often brush off or don't think about because, well because its depressing and scary. I'd like to think it wouldn't....couldn't ever happen to me, but let's be honest I'm not that scary, I'm not that tough and it COULD happen to me.

There was an article in the newspaper last week reporting that a 14 year old girl was snatched off the street in broad daylight near my new house. She was taken into the desert, raped and left there to walk home. When she stumbled back into the residential area and found by some kids playing, they called for help. She was able to provide a pretty decent description of the man and what he was driving.....he has not been arrested to my knowledge.

It got me to thinking
.......that is where I live.......no more leaving the door unlocked, even for a few minutes while I run here or there.

.......that is where I run.....with headphones in and alone most of the time.....I take my dog but would she be enough to deter someone from trying to snatch me while I huff and puff around the desert, not paying attention to things around me?

And so I am now the proud new owner of a running accessory that I think all should probably have.

Pepper Spray! It clips on to my shorts waistband and I can't even feel it when I'm running. So bring it on creepy guy (I don't really mean that, I'd really rather you just left me alone). I'll be ready for you until I get my gun bought....moving that one up on the priority list folks!


  1. Wow, that is crazy scary. I can't believe that happened! Good for you being prepared!

  2. How terribly scary. I am glad that the girl found help and I hope that she has a support system and some professional guidance going forward. Poor thing.

    That's really smart of you to carry some pepper spray. Hopefully you never need it, but it's good to be prepared. I jog around my neighborhood on occasion and I walk to work - I really need to get some runners mace or pepper spray myself.

    Thanks for the reminder.